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A cummulative state of hopelessness…

In my particular case, I would call that a Dèjá Vu… It keeps repeting itself over and over, people forget, for a main reason, people know there are standards and written procedures, they insist on breaking the rules, it is always the same ‘ol reason of rush madness. They keep telling us every time things go wrong to remember on being more cautious, aiming the source of problems on a non-explicit way to everyone not involved.

Since people is tired of reminding them things must go by the book and they insist upon skipping procedures again and again, so what’s the whole matter about reminding us to foresee mistakes which can be prevented?, if at the end, no matter how many times we repeat it over and over, they just won’t listen.

We keep telling them, they don’t listen, things go wrong, we in some sort of way are pointed out, we then are told to be cautious, the whole thing is again forgotten, and we’re back to where we started.

What else must be done to make people understand?
If we speak up? then we’re rebels. If we speak out what to and not to? they brush us off saying everything is going to be alright, that is all under control.

Once things go wrong? We’re gathered to be told shame on us! we did not do enough to prevent what could be avoided.
We’re so distressed. In the end we get the same result either we tell them what to or not to…
If we’re obtaining the same results either way, then tell me?
what does telling them what to do or not to then add up to the solution???
It is unclear for me =_=”
This is a cummulative state of hopelessness, we’re always being left to our own devices for everything.

Sin otra particular y muy cordialmente.